Top Tips for an Insect-Free House

House InsectsInsects can be quite scary for some people. Many of them are, in fact, considered pests. It is just right for you to look for ways and top tips for an insect-free house. Nothing could be more irritating than seeing ants taking over your leftover chocolate cake or mosquitoes biting your kids’ legs.

Get rid of pesky insects sheltering at your home with three easy to follow methods. Many families resort to professional exterminators and chemical treatments when it comes to killing pests and bugs. The chemical treatment should be the last resort ad it is harmful to our environment. You should first try the natural ways to repel the insects and use pesticides when no other option is visible.

Vacuum the Bugs: ‘Kill as you spot them’ this might be your strategy to kill the unwanted bugs. But, do you know as you kill an insect you open the doors of your house for hundreds of new bugs? Bugs or insects emit a scent as they die. This scent works as an invitation to other bugs. Thus, killing the bugs is no longer an option of getting rid of them. Vacuum the insects instead and throw them out before new entrants arrive. Do empty the vacuum bag after your house rescue mission to prevent live bugs from crawling back.

Use Deterrents to Restrict Re-entry: Deterrents are a great way to prevent the re-entry of the bugs. You can make deterrents at home by adding citrus essential oil to your home cleaner. Plant mums outside your house and near windows. The smell of herbs like cloves, lavender, and sage irritates the bugs. You can place the herbs sachets near bug entrances.

Targeted Pesticides: If you have no other option than using a chemically treated formula to kill the bugs target the areas that are most likely to be the entry gate for the nasty bugs. Evaluate your house for any gap in windows, doors, water spout and drainage pipes for bug entry and chemically treat it.

As you can see in the video below, there are many kinds of insects that can take shelter in your home. They can be in the kitchen, living room, your bathroom and even your bedroom.

Some insects don’t react the same way to pesticides as others would. Most ideally, it is best to call exterminators or pest experts to help you out when you’re in doubt.

Bugs bring with them a host of germs and bacteria potential to ill your entire family. There are certain poisonous bugs that can cause infection of the skin and blood on biting. Using best deterrents you can keep your house bug-free and germ-free.

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