Things To Do Before Using Attics for Storage

Attics, the space beneath the pitched roof of a building, is a great place to stash away items that you don’t want to use for some time. Extra items like shifting boxes, craft supplies, photo albums, pregnancy memorabilia, electric tools and old books take up unnecessary space in your house but you don’t want to throw them away. You can easily retain your extra belonging by using attics for storage.

Using attics for storage might sound like a great idea. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. Due to its narrow space organization becomes a challenge. You may face difficulty finding space to keep the extra stuff.

Attics are often left unattended for long and may require repairing prior to storing the extra valuables or belongings. As the attic is the topmost shelter of the house it may have a leaky roof, birds nest and rodents. All these require fixing before moving stuff up there. Here is a checklist of things to do before using the attic for storage.

  1. Examine the Attic: Ask a professional to know if your attic can be used for storing stuff. Over the time, attic may turn weak and you will have to refurbish it before moving your stuff there. So, examine and get any problem fixed by a professional.
  2. Install Fixtures: An unfinished attic looks as incomplete as a living area without a sofa set would. Install fixtures such as shelves, ceiling hooks and rods. The fixture will provide you more storage space and your attic would also look complete.
  3. Customized Shelving: You can get shelves customized for gable windows and between rafters. You can put stuff on the shelves that you don’t want to be pushed to the back with other stuff. Besides, shelving will provide you additional space to store.
  4. Plastic Storage Boxes: Use plastic storage boxes for keeping stuff. Rodents can damage the cardboard boxes.

Although your attic is a great place to store the stuff, the safety of the stuff largely depend on the attic temperature which may vary with weather changes. At times the temperature could be really high in the attic and low or humid which may damage your stuff. Store stuff wisely by properly wrapping them and securing them in plastic boxes to prevent any damages.

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