Why You Need Radiant Barriers for Your Home

Why You Need Radiant BarriersEspecially when you already have existing insulation such as spray foam in your attic, you may wonder if you still need radiant barriers for your home. Radiant barriers are foil-like materials installed usually in attic spaces. Many homeowners try DIY installation while many more call for assistance from licensed insulation contractors.

Since radiant barriers seem quite simple to install, thanks to countless guides and free resources found online, some have the confidence to do this on their own. However, it is important to remember that one small mistake can make radiant barriers less efficient or not even efficient at all. This will just result in a major waste of money and resources since you were not able to achieve the goal you have when installing radiant barriers in the first place. Remember, it’s best to spend a little bit more by calling a contractor rather than doing this on your own just to save a few dollars.

The Importance of Radiant Barriers for Your Home

Radiant barriers may work on their own or can also achieve better results when combined with other insulation materials. For instance, as earlier mentioned, you may already have insulation installed on your attic such as spray foam. When you add radiant barriers, expect even better results.

The foil-like appearance of radiant barriers reflect heat and does not absorb it. This means heat during the summertime can be kept out of your attic instead of letting it into your home. When it’s less warm during summer, you don’t have to use air-conditioners as much or you don’t need to turn its level up too high. This means your home will become more comfortable even during the hottest days. This will also result in huge savings on your energy bills.

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