Decluttering Tips for Small Homes

decluttering tipsTruth be told, real estate is quite an expensive purchase for many individuals. Many families would settle living in small homes so they won’t have to spend as much when buying a property. However, when you live in such a small space, you must know how to organize and clean up well to ensure that you will still have all the space you need for your convenience. The decluttering tips we’re discussing below might help you out.

Decluttering is something many homeowners would do almost on a yearly basis. In the recent years, it became a popular practice, even a trend, when a famous Japanese author and now TV star, Marie Kondo, shared some of her very effective decluttering tips. Just check out this video below that features some of her most amazing tips.

Now if you want to keep your home decluttered so that you can increase the space, the first thing you should do is to bring out all of your stuff and sort them out into four sections – the items you want to keep, the items you need to dispose, the items you can donate, and the items you can repurpose or recyle.

Once you have organized them, only the ones you want to keep goes back into the places where you got them. Dispose the items you intended to dispose of immediately so you can start freeing up space. The items you want to donate can already be placed in donation boxes or bags and you can send them on their way. Note that you have to be extra careful when you place items to the section that you want to repurpose or recycle – these are usually the things you might end up not using anyway if you have no time to repurpose them. So if you think you won’t be able to work with those, then just dispose or donate them.

Some people even manage to earn a few extra bucks when they decide to declutter. Aside from this being a natural way to freshen up your home, decluttering may make you discover things you didn’t know you had. When they’re still useful or valuable but you’re not really using them anymore, then you might as well put them up for sale. You can do this online or if you have plenty of things to sell, then you can even organize a garage sale in your home!